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Trip Interruption – Reimburses travelers if they have to cut short their trip due to Illness or death (of the traveler or a family member), weather, airline strikes, terrorism, bankruptcy, becoming unemployed, jury duty or their home being rendered uninhabitable due to fire/flood etc.

Trip interruption insurance covers you if you become ill, are injured or die after your travel begins, or if a family member or travel companion gets sick, is injured or dies once you have departed on your trip.

Most policies specify that you (or the ill or injured party) must see a physician and obtain a letter from that physician stating that you are too ill or disabled to continue your travel.

Be aware that the definition of "travel companion" may include the requirement that the companion must be listed on a travel contract or other registration document. In some cases, the companion must also intend to share accommodations with you.

Trip interruption coverage may also protect you against a whole host of problems, provided they take place after your trip begins. These problems may include weather issues, terrorist attacks, strikes, jury duty, an accident en route to your trip departure point, and more. The list of covered events varies from policy to policy; carefully read the policy certificate before you buy.

Some travel insurance providers classify everything except illness, injury or death as "travel delay" rather than "trip interruption," so you must look at both types of travel insurance as you investigate possible insurance policy options. If you are confused, don't hesitate to call your insurance agency.